Our Sanctuary Fall Retreat Package is back!

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Come take a picture and tag yourself at Sanctuary Body Spa sign with our little sign and post it to Instagram or Facebook with tagging #sanctuarybodyspabg . You will receive a FREE relaxing muscle soak to use at home.

Sanctuary Fall Retreat Package


Gift cards are available at the spa and online.

60 Min Relaxing Massage with a Warm Pumpkin Glycolic Back Mask or Scrub, Followed by a Hot Stone back/neck massage and finished with a Pumpkin Spice Body Butter!

Gift Cards Available for all Occasions


What better Birthday or Anniversary Gift for that Special someone in your life!

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  • First Time Client Specials

$15 off any 1 Hour Massage 

or 1 Hour Facial Packages

20% off all Waxing Services for 1st Time Waxing Services. 


Swedish- Full body massage technique with long gliding, kneading strokes to achieve the most relaxing effect. 

  •   $35 Half session             30 Min Session 
  •   $65 Full session              60 Min Session
  •   $95 Deluxe session        90 Min Session
  •   $120 Premium session   120 Min Session

Deep Tissue/Sports- Professional massage treatment is performed w/slow deep penetrating strokes, stretching,  and a deep finger pressure on specific muscle areas and aches!                                   

  •  $70 Full session  
  •  $100 Deluxe Session

Hot Stone- HOT Baltic Stones placed over the body and  combined with oils to relax tense muscles, increase circulation for the body to completely unwind! 

  •  $75 Full session
  •  $105 Deluxe Session 

Prenatal- Slow gliding, calming, strokes stimulate circulation to help soothe nerves and alleviate common complaints such as backaches, tension in shoulders, aching legs and feet. 

  •    $65 Full session

Couples- Excellent opportunity to enjoy a special private retreat memory with a friend or loved one. Relax with a Swedish massage or elect to upgrade to any other massage treatments for an additional fee. (24 hours notice must be given to book another therapist for couple session!)     

  •   $130 Full session  
  •   $190 Deluxe session

Reflexology- Reflexology is a form of holistic therapy, in which the  Therapist uses their thumb and first finger to apply  moderate pressure to the feet, hands, or the ears. There are  points on the feet and hands which are related to some  organs in the body, these are known as reflex points, a  reflex point is an area in which when stimulated will bring  about change in another part of the body.  

  • $15 for 15 Min. session   
  • $30 for 30 Min. session

Indian Head- A blend of warm oils on the center of the forehead, releasing all mental tension.  A relaxing head, shoulder, and scalp massage follows. This uplifting experience encourages emotional balance and well-being.  

  •  $35 for 30 Mins 
  •  $20 for 15 Mins

Medicupping Massage- "It's bodywork that uses suction to lift tissues as the cup moves.  This suction can help with problems in the lymphatic system, scar tissue restrictions, general inflammation, and relieving chronic pain conditions.  The therapist will use cups made out of glass, earthenware, silicone or plastic to create the suction needed for the therapy."

  • $25 for 15 Mins
  • $45 for 30 Mins
  • $85 for 60 Mins
  • $115 for 90 Mins

  • Call us about our seasonal MONTHLY packages!

Massage Sessions

Half Session                   30 Mins.

Full Session                    60 Mins.

Deluxe Session               90 Mins.

Premium Session           120 Mins.



Express Facial- Deep pore cleansing facial for all skin types to improve circulation and tone the overall appearance of the skin.   30 Mins.  $35

Pinot Peel- Removes dead skin cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture evening out skin tone and helps to fade age spots. This facial leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.    30 Mins.  $50 

Manual Dermabrasion- Can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, blackheads, whiteheads, surface scaring, acne scars, and aging and sun damaged skin. Best results with a series of 6 treatments.        30 Mins.  $50 

Signature Facial- Deep pore cleansing facial for all skin types to improve circulation and tone the overall appearance of the skin.   

  60 Mins. $45 

Proteolytic Enzyme Peel- Removes the top layers of the skin leaving smoother skin and improved textured.         

 60 Mins.  $60 

Glycolic Grape Peel- Removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and helps fade sun spots. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.            

       60 Mins.  $60  

Rosasea Facial- Soothing and hydrating for rosasea skin types to help calm and reduce the redness and inflammation.             60 Mins.  $60 

Vitamin C Facial- Super hydrating and soothing facial for all skin types to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.          

 60 Mins.  $60 

Acne Management Facial- Help treat blemishs and deep pore cleansing. Will extract blackheads if needed.     

    60 Mins. $70 

Anti-Age Management Facial- Helps remineralize the skin and protect it from damaging effects of the environment and full of anti-oxidants for all skin types.       

 60 Mins.   $70

Collagen Trans Dermal Veil Facial-  Combines collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids to provide hydration, improved skin tone, and nourishment. For dry, sun damaged and aging skin types.       

60 Mins.  $70

Cranberry Antioxidant Facial- Moisturizing , brightening, anti-flammatory, and natural sunscreen cranberry facial.  

30 Mins. $35     60 MIns. $65

Waxing Services

  • Eyebrows      $12
  • Lip/Chin         $10
  • Bikini              $45 
  • Brazilian         $60 
  • Chest              $40 
  • Back               $40
  • Half leg          $35 
  • Full Leg          $55 
  • Half Arm        $20
  • Full Arm         $40
  • Underarm      $20
  • Full Face        $30


  • Bridal /Wedding     
  • Proms   
  • Senior Portraits 
  • Bridal packages available for wedding parties. 
  • Ultimate makeup sessions available.  
  • Free consultations with makeup artist. 
  • Sessions starting at $35 to $60. (Airbush Makeup makeup will cost more.) 
  • Off site sessions with be charges a travel fee.
  • We provide Airbrush or regular makeup.

Spa Services/ Body Treatments/ Add-Ons


  • Hot Peppermint Foot Wrap- Cooling peppermint oils on feet help improve circulation and swelling followed by warm towel wraps.   $10 Session
  • Salt Body Scrubs- Invigorating treatment for the body effectively exfoliates the dead skin, improves circulation, detoxifying and enhances skin texture to refine your body.    $40 Session
  • Total body mud wrap or Moisterizing Mask  Excellent treatment for your body after a scrub treatment. Smoothing, cleansing, stimulating, and detoxifying the skin.                                                                                            Choice of Black Baltic Mud Wrap Seaweed Mud Wrap, Chamomile Moisturizing Mask, Pumpkin Body Mask $40  Session                                               
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment- Helps relieve carpal tunnel symptoms, improves circulation; Relieve muscle and joint pain.   $15 Session

Tonic Leg Mask Rejevination

Great for tired legs, restless leg, swelling of feet and legs.

  • $20 per  session (approx 20 Mins)

 Hand Rejuvenation Treatment- Extra attention to rejuvenate your exhausted hands with a relaxing hand scrub/oil/massage butter.     $15 Session

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